You only have 3 SECONDS to grab their attention or they keep scrolling!

They are scrolling to find something that interests them.

Traditional website pictures or videos no longer work.

You need a WOW FACTOR!

Did you Know...


85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% in text.

1 in 4

1 in 4 consumers have made a purchase after seeing a story on Instagram.

< 10 sec

The sweet spot for video ad length is 6-10 seconds.

Attention is Everything!

It's Limited and it's Selective.
Making your videos stand out and capture the attention of your audience is just half the battle.

To convert that attention into leads or sales, you need to showcase your product or service in the same posts, ad, story they are engaged with. Big companies like RedBull, Disney and LEGO, with big pockets or Hollywood class animation creators, have been doing this already.

Well from today on...that won't be an issue for you.

Once you understand that YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are Search Engines, you'll get it.

As you saw above, your goal is to Stop them from Scrolling when they land on your content.

In addition to the WOW Factor, we have other systems, including a way to make your own app!

A little further down you can Mouse over the examples like Power Intros, Avatars, Explainers and Full Production videos. 

Our lineup is Exclusive and will be the single most effective system you have ever tried.

Or do your posts jump out at the viewer with that WOW Factor?

Check out the image just below.
You be the judge.

Do your posts look like everyone else's?
Do you just do the same boring things they all do?

How Cool would it be...

When they are scrolling down and hit your ad, it immediately begins to play. (On this website you need to click to play but in Social Media, it plays immediately.)

Your message simply Reaches Out and Grabs their attention.

We have multiple systems, effects, sound clips, etc.
We customize to your needs.


High Definition

Everything is rendered in HD.

Call to Action

We can direct the viewer to Exactly What you Need.

Greater R.O.I.

No more pouring money down the drain.


Playback is Instant because we are Cloud Based.


The profitability of your ads increases substantially.


Simply the Best Way to promote your Brand.


Your ads simply Jump Out at them and your profits increase.

Special Features

We can even get fancy if you need, like a narrated avatar telling your story.

Here are the Other Systems we have.

Power Intros

We have 100's of Templates.
We first schedule a Zoom conference, you choose one and we get your details to begin our render.

Avatars & Explainers

How cool would it be to create a company video with a lip-sync Avatar in Multiple Languages?

Full Production

The key in high end work is the Production. We have tools that let us do nearly anything.

We mentioned your own App...


Decide what kind of video you need.
If you belong to one of our participating Chambers of Commerce, you get a Free Video from the Power Intro. Section. For everyone else, you simply won't believe our pricing.
Since video isn't our main line we don't need to make the profits others need.


Decide the type of video you need.

You always want your video to follow a pattern, to tell the story in the way you need.
"If you can't explain it to a 4 year old you don't understand it yourself." Albert Einstein.

Let's Discuss and Plan.

Together we need to formulate a plan and a natural flow for the shots. We then decide how the footage is obtained. If you are in Northern Utah we have you covered. If you are out of the area, we can coach you or you can hire a professional photographer.
If you need a Virtual 360o tour, we have the equpiment or we discuss how to get that footage if you are out of the area. In many cases we can use regular photos because of our exclusive 'stitching' system.

We then go to work to put everything together.

This is the most important part of your video and it make take a few visits with you to get it right.


Even if you need a Logo, we can help you there.
We can design and build it for your use, and you download as you need.


We even have a way to help you design and product your own brochures.
Sss our Marchise division.